-Give to Give-

by "Therapy Dog Thailand"

All Fine Social Enterprise Co., Ltd.

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If "nature of the dog and the love for its owner"

could help eliminate "the wall within the heart" of a patient in need of a treatment, "Therapy Dog Team" would be considered as

an innovative physical and spiritual "healing" alternative.


Now is the perfect time for Thailand to welcome "Therapy Dog Team"

to share their love and support for the community,

contributing sustainably with generous amount of happiness and smiles to everyone.


Because your “giving” is our “giving”


-Give to Give-

In order to establish

First in Thailand,

Therapy Dog Thailand Center

by “Therapy Dog Thailand”

All Fine Social Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Donate for -Give to Give-

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All Fine Social Enterprise Co., Ltd. 

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Social Enterprise 

We are a wholly social enterprise whose mission is to take part in helping to ease the problem of the society and to support the development of the country.

All Fine Social Enterprise Co.,Ltd. has started its business on a win-win-win strategy based on the contentment of everyone involved; beginning from producer of goods to consumers as well as the environment.


Our first project is “Therapy Dog Thailand” which provides training and sustainable therapy, using gentle nature of a dog and its owner as a “Therapy Tool”, especially on mental & emotional health of patients.

Allfine has collaborated with Therapy Dog Association Switzerland (VTHS) who provides curriculum as a guidance to craft “Certified Therapy Dog Thailand Training Course”. 

To make it most suitable for Thailand's local living, we have worked diligently with local experts in each field to adjust context of the curriculum and training techniques in order for Therapy Dog Thailand teams to attain and achieve world class standard; thus, to be able to provide therapy session, spread blissful joy effectively and successfully, serving the true purpose of

“therapy dog.”


"Certified Therapy Dog Thailand Course"

is a training course for dog and its owner that focuses on understanding those who truly needed the treatment, bringing out happiness and more comfort both physically and mentally.  Therefore, patients would feel safe, confident and more open up for futhur medical treatment.

We started the project by founders' fund since August 2020, with first group of students who willingly help to create a small ecosystem for 'Therapy Dog team' in Thailand.

Our project had gained great interests and co-operation from government organizations,  private and public sectors such as agencies from

Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, Srithanya Hospital (the largest psychiatric hospital in Thailand), Foundation for the Blind in Thailand under the Royal patronage of H.M. the Queen, Foundation for the Deaf under the Royal Patronage of Her Majesty the Queen, Sawangkaniwes under the Thai Red Cross Society and K9 Police Sub-Division etc.


Nevertheless, the Covid-19 Pandemic situation had effected our project's financial liquidity and strain progression.  'Therapy Dog' considered as new concept for Thai society as an alternative and innovative therapy for patient, support mental health and a help to eliminate emotional barrier and encourage patients to open up for medical treatment.

Therapy Dog Thailand สุนัขนักบำบัด Therapy Dog สุนัขบำบัด ดูแลเด็กพิเศษ Session6_01.jpg
Therapy Dog Thailand สุนัขนักบำบัด Therapy Dog สุนัขบำบัด ดูแลผู้สูงอายุ elderly care TDT_

In order for 'Therapy Dog Thailand' to move onward and successfully being an alternative 'therapy tool' that enhance Thai people's quality of life

We have initiated 'Give to Give' project to establish "Therapy Dog Thailand Center" where is the first therapy dog center in Thailand by gathering donation from generous & kind-heart people both in form of organizations and individuals.


Therapy Dog Thailand Center will be a base for Therapy Dog team and operation, providing training facility as well as therapy venues and support volunteers and people in need for therapy and training.

What will the Funding
be used for?

From upstream...to downstream
The project is not only about "training"
but most important thing is the "real therapy session"

We are determined to raise the fund in order to establish
“Therapy Dog Thailand Center”
to become a base for “training” and “therapy”,
enabling people who are interested to have an easier access to the service.

There are 6 main purposes of Therapy Dog Thailand Center and its operation;


To Provide Therapy

  • Provide services and consultations for patient and people in need

  • Provide funding support to underpriviledged people in need of therapy

  • Provide on-site therapy for organization in need of therapy (voluntarily work for non-profit organization)  

  • Provide support for research project in relation to Therapy Dog service.


To Provide Training

  • Provide all types of Therapy Dog training and related programs by working closely with professionals and experts from public and private organizations

  • Arrange and produce both online and offline training materials for various curriculum.


To Establish the center for

Therapy Dog Thailand”

  • To operate as a therapy center for patient who need Therapy Dog service and consultation.

  • A training center and facility for Therapy Dog training.

  • To be a learning and knowledge center with regard to “therapy dog”.


To Provide Human Resources


  • To manage sufficient team resources to support center's operation

  • To provide knowledge and skills traning to enhance tthe work of operation team.


To Manage Membership

  • Regulate and govern “Thailand Therapy Dog team”.

  • Manage and set up membership system for efficiency of therapy and for the benefit of future research.

  • Support the work of the center.


To Do Public Relation

  • Provide information about the work of Therapy dog to the society and introduce new method of therapy.

  • Create awareness regarding the studies and development as well as contribution for the society and the benefit of job creation.

“Let’s extend our help to build
a world class “Therapy Dog team”
in Thailand to spread love, joy
and support for Thai people,

let them contribute
and create happiness
as well as smile for the people
in the society sustainably together.”
Therapy Dog Thailand สุนัขนักบำบัด Therapy Dog สุนัขบำบัด ดูแลผู้สูงอายุ Orientation_01.jp

Who does “Therapy Dog”  provide therapy for?

Therapy Dog that is trained along with its owner
can help take care of various people from different sexes and ages,
from family members, friends or others that needed help
as well as other people in the peripheral circle of the society



Therapy Dog team will help enhance social development in seniors which can be reflected by better social interactions,

better verbal reactions,

higher attentiveness

and lower aggressiveness

as well as reduced rejection.


Seniors tend to be less lonely; they feel more worthwhile and able to communicate better

with their care takers.

The results will help seniors to have better quality of living

and thus better health.